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Aztec Style modern Simple Mehndi Design | Simple Mehndi Design

Modern mehndi design and Simple Mehndi Design is a slice of girls’ lifestyle. In this era, females can’t miss the henna ceremony in every festival. Over time, mehndi designs have changed. Modern, stylish girls want to deck their hands and feet with modern henna designs. If you are worried about new henna arts, then be relaxed. Because in this content, you will find out a bundle of simple, stylish mehndi designs.

In addition, we know you wish to seem different from other girls in different ceremonies with henna design. You can easily pick any of them and apply them to your hands and feet. These designs are unique to draw, so that’s why there is no need to call mehndi artists. If you are a mehndi lover, you can deck your skin yourself. These fantastic designs are specially prepared for everyone to easily apply the mehndi sketches.

Here is some simple modern mehndi design to deck your hands beautifully. There is no need to give more effort to search on the internet for modern mehndi designs because our website brings you an unlimited henna design for every event.

Simple mehndi design for backhand

Decking backhand seems fantastic and attractive. Everyone says wow when it is designed with the latest henna design. So, this sketch is a very beautiful and modern mehndi design. The artist didn’t cover all the backhand with henna. Three figures are deck with circle, leaves, dots design.

The side of the hand is an art by a big flower, and the surrounding are repeated circles and dots. This design fits on white hand girls. Add a shadow kind of nail polish to make your hand more elegant. Nowadays, modern girls don’t like to deck their entire hand, so mostly they prefer simple designs. This design is perfect for the eid ceremony. You can also apply the design at cool parties and offices.

Modern mehndi design for front hand

Most of the girls want to design their front hand. Therefore this henna design is best for them. It is also the latest design. With this amazing sketch, your front hand will look majestic. It is the Aztec style of mehndi design which is simple and modern. My suggestion is to try these kinds of henna arts while you attend simple functions. It will take less time and seems fabulous.

Easy henna design for arm and hand

The arm is also a part of our body that needs to deck with henna. Flowers, leaves, and circles add charm to this modern mehndi design. This design is very famous and beautiful for your arm and hand. During engagement and wedding events, artists deck this elegant design for the bride. Indian, Pakistani, and Arabian females deck their arms and hands with this design.

Modern mehndi design for full hand

This amazing mehndi design is special for the full hand. A bride can apply this elegant henna art on their full hand. It is a deck with lines and drops that cover the entire hand perfectly. You can see the full hand is an art by different v shapes. Half of the arm also contains v shapes and pretty lines with dots.

Simple modern mehndi design for feet

When it comes to famous occasions, females can’t forget decorating their feet and legs. They feel joy while showing their feet with elegant modern mehndi design. This majestic design is perfect and suitable for your beautiful feet and legs. While drafting this design, make a circle between the joint of the leg and feet. At the center, draw a large pattern jaal and put two big dots in the jaali center. Deck the fingers with small flowers, leaves, lines, and drops. Finally, don’t miss adding red nail polish to your nails.


I Hope these Aztec-style modern simple mehndi designs become your favorite. Modern mehndi design increases the happiness of every girl’s life as we know very well that stylish people require a stylish henna design for every occasion. Modern mehndi art looks attractive on girls’ hands and feet. These simple designs catch the eye’s attention of human beings.

So, the mehndi ceremony is a beautiful part of females’ happiness. Kids also enjoy the henna event with full motivation. Therefore being an elder must share kids in your henna ceremony and apply these designs on their skin.

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