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The first thought that comes to our mind when relocating is, what are the earning opportunities in that particular country or city? An extremely pertinent question. And the first employment options that we come up with are, either working at a restaurant as a waiter or working in a grocery store.

With the correct focus, research & motivation, I am certain that you will be able to land yourself a job that suits you well. In terms of expertise and financial security.  However, if Canada is the country that you are relocating to, then this article is for you.

Keep scrolling through this article to look at some of the prerequisites when looking for a source of income and moving to Canada. 

Things To Consider When Looking For A Job In Canada

There is literally nothing on this planet that you cannot achieve with proper planning. And looking for a job in a foreign country is no different. While there will be possibilities of delay, but you will definitely manage something or the other.

With that being said, let us look at some of the important things, every individual looking for a job should keep in mind- when in Canada.

1. Modifying The Resume

Ensure that you are well versed with the resume format accepted in Canada. If not, updating your resume will be a smart move. Remember, your resume is your first impression in the professional sphere, serving as the most crucial step when looking for employment. So, make sure you are making the resume in a completely professional and attractive way. Mention everything, including academic achievements and work experience (if any), in your resume. 

2. Getting Strong Endorsements

It is in fact easier to find employment in Canada when you have strong references. It would be best if you could get a relevant reference from a previous employee of that organization. 

3. Being Selective 

In most professions, responding to an online job advertisement is not quite an effective way to find a job, in Canada. Hence, you have to be selective with your professional search engine. 

Do not commit the mistake of, bombarding companies with the same old resume & cover letter, like some boring managerial conversation. Try cold calling, networking & some informational interviews, to circulate your resume. 

4. Being Enthusiastic

Always ensure that you have the contact details of the organization with you. This will help you follow up with your recruiters within 7 days of submitting your resume to them. This way you can show them your dedication towards that particular position. 

Did you know, sending a simple Thank you email post-interview makes you stand out from the other candidates seeking jobs in Canada?  These marginal gains can help you get a job in Canada.

5. Networking Using The Tools At Hand

Effective networking gives you the space to gain crucial contacts & useful insights,- both professionally & socially. Research about networking events related to your profession or take the help of your contacts. Seek advice on how to locate more people from your field of profession.

Remember, not all jobs in Canada get advertised publicly. Jobs won’t come and find you, instead you will have to explore this hidden job market, to find your professional match. Therefore, networking has become an important tool to secure employment in Canada.

You have to get your name out across the preferred industry in a manner, that when the opportunity knocks on your door, you’re ready. Utilize your local network to the fullest. In order to be successful in a new city or country, it is important that you build as big a network as possible.

Volunteering is the best way to increase your local network. Apart from that, you can always depend on LinkedIn as leverage. This social media platform is strictly used for professional purposes. 

LinkedIn is the most frequently used tool, accessed by employers and recruiters, to locate eligible candidates for jobs, in Canada. This online resume can do wonders.

6. Be Accepting Towards People Who Want To Help You

Never reject an ‘offer of help’ when trying to find employment in Canada. You have to be proactive & determined. Small gestures, such as sending an email / picking up calls, to convey your gratitude to the person who had offered you help or advice.

The most helpful option would be, opting for ‘pre-arrival services’. They are free services that are applicable to individuals who have been approved for immigration & are planning to land in Canada within a year.  


Keeping the following points in mind, I will now end this discussion. Remember, foreign individuals can & do find employment in Canada. It’s just that the process is a bit more tedious. 

There’s a multitude of job options when you’re moving to Canada. And some of them would be jobs in real estate investment, that of a python developer, a chef, etc. However, in case you have got some other job options or tips to add, feel free to engage with us in the comments section below.


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