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Airline Ticketing Policies for Flying With a Baby

Airlines Tickets Policies for Flying With a Baby

Every airline has its own rules and policies set for booking and traveling. And when it comes to passengers flying with a baby, the carrier becomes more specific and strict. So we have tried to accumulate to Airline Ticketing Policies for Flying With a Baby. So, if you are someone who has become a parent recently and are thinking of traveling, you must go through the post more carefully.

Well, it is often preferable to travel short with the babies. And what could be the best than flying instead of taking long car trips to rehab your destinations? But you must be aware of the fact that was traveling with babies via flight calls for more responsibility. For example, if you want to travel with Spirit Airlines, then before going for Spirit Airlines Book a Flight procedure, you need to check the guidelines for traveling babies and infants. You just can’t miss it.

Basic Flying Rules for Flying with Babies

Well, when you look into all the carriers, all of them have different rules and guidelines as per their policies. But there are some basic rules that are true and acceptable by all the airlines, in terms of baby flying with them. Here is the important point to learn about it:

  • Starting with ticketing, babies who are under the age of two or less do not need tickets or booking for a seat. They can travel with paid passengers. However, you need to make sure that you are not occupying any seat and the baby is seated on your lap while flying. 
  • Now, if you want your baby to have a seat for their comfort, you might buy a separate ticket for them. And for this, you need to pay a full fare, which has nothing to do with the age of the baby. You can buy a car seat for your baby. 
  • While booking, you need to present an authentic certificate that confirms the age of your baby. Usually, passengers prefer presenting the birth certificate of the child.
  • Children under the age of two must have an accompanying passenger, at least 16 years or more in age. No matter if he/she has a paid ticket or not. The airlines do not allow such small babies to travel unaccompanied.
  • The airlines allow two infants with every adult passenger. That is, you can carry one lap child, and another one should be of under two as well. However, many of the airlines allow only one infant with every adult passenger. So you must go through the airline’s guidelines regarding kids ann children before you a flight ticket with them.
  • Now, if your child is two years or more in age, then you should make sure that they have their own seat. 
  • You need to submit medical approval to the airlines if you are willing to travel with less than seven days old baby. However, there is no such requirement after a week of the baby’s birth. 

Ticket Fare for Flying Babies

Well, coming to the fares, there are different policies for different airlines.

If you have chosen to fly with Southwest Airlines with your baby, you cannot do the booking or payment by visiting the Southwest Airlines Book a Flight section on the website. You need to call the Southwest Airlines customer service number. You will get to know about the tickets fare for babies from the airline’s representative.

Coming on to other major airlines, such as United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Virgin America, do not provide the facility of infant fare. Therefore, if you are flying with any of these airlines with your baby, you need to buy a full ticket with a complete fare.

Then, talking of American Airlines does offer the infant fare, both for international and domestic flights. At the same time, Hawaiian airlines discount on infant tickets only if they are traveling internationally. No domestic flight has an offer for babies on the flight tickets.

We hope that we have made you clear about ‘Airline Ticketing Policies for Flying With a Baby.’ Still, if you have any issues, you can contact the airlines’ customer service. And to book tickets for your children, give us a call at any moment you need. We will tell you all the details, and make bookings at the same time.  .

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