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Advertisement Copywriting – 15 Tips to Nail It in 2022

As ad copywriting is such a sought-after skill, adverts will keep on cropping up in the year 2022. It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time if you’re targeting ad copywriting jobs.

Sift through this ad copywriting tips guide keeps you afloat while looking for your dream job ad.

However, ad copywriters with in-depth ad copywriting tips knowledge in the form of ad copywriting skills will help you nail it at your next assignment.

Top 15 Ad Copywriting Tips To Nail It In 2022:

Ad copywriting is a critical part of the success of an online business. You can have the best site, product, or service but your visitors will leave if they don’t see immediate value in what you are offering. Here are some ad copywriting tips that will surely boost conversions:

Be Clear and Direct

Write ad copy that is clear and direct. Avoid flowery language or sales speak at all costs. If you think your customer will not understand a word of what you wrote, chances are they won’t make a purchase from you either. This is not the time to show off your vocabulary prowess unless it directly benefits your product or service offering.

Sound like a Human

People don’t like to click on ads that sound too much like a machine or a computer churned them out. You need to make your ad copy appear as though you are talking from personal experience and not from research alone. Even if your product is business-related, write as though you are speaking directly to a single person.

Write as if you are speaking to a Group of Friends

Since you should sound like a human, the next step is not to be too formal or stuffy. Imagine your ad copy is being spoken by someone close to the customer’s age, ideally someone around their own age who they can relate to easily. If you are a business owner, imagine the ad copy is being spoken by a friend who works for you or knows your product well.

Benefit-Driven Content

You have seconds to capture someone’s attention so it’s important that your ad copy immediately presents a benefit even if this means making an educated guess about what the person is looking for. It’s better to err on the side of caution and present something that may not be exactly what they are looking for than to risk boring them with your ad copy.

Use Numbers, Statistics, and Facts

If you can provide some numbers or statistics about your product or service, even better! People love statistics and there is no better way to sell than to appeal to this fact. If you cannot provide any numbers or statistics, at least explain how your product helps people in very specific terms.

Test Your Ad Copy

You don’t know what will work until you test it out for yourself with real customers who are actually looking for what you are offering. You may think your ad copy is great but it’s possible no one will click on it even if you already know the product or service itself is excellent. Use split testing to ensure that what you write will work.

The Call-to-Action Button should be Visible

Your visitors should not have to search hard to find your call-to-action button. It should be large and bold so they know what to do next as soon as they finish reading the ad copy.

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to use additional real estate on top of an already existing ad unit such as a site link, location, or review extension. For Google Ad words, this will increase your ad visibility by allowing you to highlight all the additional information that makes your product or service unique.

Use Add-ons for More Visibility

You can also use add-ons for more exposure such as adding an image to your ads if possible. This allows you to present a vision of what you are offering instead of just using text.

Do not use Branded Titles

Your title should always be generic and convey the benefit instead of a heavily branded approach with your business name or logo included in the ad copy. This is because prospects who see your ads may not know about your business yet, so you need to acknowledge that they are just looking for information.

Keep Titles Concise

Your ad copy title should be no longer than 50 characters in total so they appear on multiple lines if necessary. This also ensures that your visitors will not have to scroll at all when taking a look at the different titles and descriptions available.

Always Include a Unique Title for Each Ad Group

If you are using multiple ad groups, make sure to come up with different titles and descriptions for each one in order to appeal to everyone who may be searching for your product or service. You can further improve the relevancy of your ads by including the primary keywords found in your ad group titles as well as the title of the landing page you want them to go to.

Optimize Your Titles and Descriptions for Google

Including a few common keywords in both your ad copy title and description is an easy way to improve relevancy but it’s also important that you include a call-to-action to tell your visitors what you want them to do next. You can also include secondary keywords without making this too obvious for the viewers.

Don’t Use Personal or Offensive Language in Your Ad Copy

Your ad copy should be free of any personal opinions or offensive language so that everyone who looks at it will feel comfortable clicking on your ad. You may think that adding some humor to your ad copy will entice people but you need to remember that it’s highly likely that someone who has absolutely no idea about your product or service may be the one to take a look at it so keep things professional and relevant instead.

Use Short Ad Copy for Mobile Apps

If you are promoting a mobile app, don’t include long ad descriptions in order to encourage your visitors to download it instead. This is because many people will see this on their small-screen devices so keeping the entire ad copy within the character limit will also help increase your click-through rate by ensuring that it appears everywhere without having to be too short.

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