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Add-Ons to Spice Up Your Halloween Photo Booth Experience

Although Christmas tends to be everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween has its own charm. 

It comes in fall and tends to be a fun one. The fact that everyone gets to dress up in a different way and kids having fun with trick or treat is just amazing. 

Almost everyone plans something unusual and interesting for this special time of the year. 

If you have also decided to throw a Halloween bash this year and want to make it exciting for your guests and loved ones, we’d recommend adding a photo booth with some creepy Halloween photo booth props.

We all know that there are different themes for Halloween. You can have themes of Harvest party, a trick-or-treat or even try a pumpkin patch or corn maze theme at your bash. 

If you want to throw a kick-ass party, you need to add some out-of-the-way décor to entertain people. And what else could be a better way to jazz up your Halloween party than a photo booth?

Add a Photo Booth to Your Party

Everyone loves to take pictures at the party. That’s why adding a photo booth to your Halloween bash is always a good idea. 

The Photobooth may require you to contact a professional company to set up the whole thing but once it is all set and done, it will be worth it. There are different ways to take pictures and it will be more fun to have funny and interesting pictures at your party.  

Put up a Green Screen: Putting up a green screen on the back and using filters will allow you to have more fun because you can add any background to your picture.

Large Photos: With a photo booth at your party, you can take large-sized photos as well as smaller ones under the LED light to add more aesthetics.  

Instant Social Media Sharing: You may think of a traditional photo booth but these days you can instantly share your cool pictures on social media by just syncing up your phone to the photo booth.  

Scrapbook: Some people tend to keep the memories of good times by making scrapbooks. You could opt for a scrapbook where you make people paste their photos taken in the photo booth. The scrapbook will be filled with many pictures and would add a nice prop itself to your party. It would be a fun activity for your guests and for you to keep the memories of the Halloween party forever.

DIY Props

A Photobooth can be expensive but if you can’t have that, it is better to have the Halloween photo booth props to create an edgy look. 

Surely, not everyone can afford a high-budget Halloween party. You can save your money by making DIY props for the Halloween party. 

You just need to be a little creative and gather all the supplies. Watching a few YouTube videos could also help you with crafting. However, the most important thing is having a unique idea to spice up your Halloween photo booth experience. 

You would want to use something that would urge people to stay and have a photo through the props. You should always make the props attractive but never try too scary or grotesque stuff.

For photo booth props, you could try a jet-black or green background and a frame prop that would allow 2 or more people to fit in it. Adding a few add-ons such as caps props, mustache props, masks, and even custom signs could really make your party successful. 

Pro tip: Adding a few pumpkin props and making a photo board among other things could also create a fun vibe.

Order Props Online

Those who don’t have time to create the DIY props, they can order online for Halloween props.

Fortunately, there are a variety of themes for Halloween available at the online markets. The Halloween prop kit features so many props that include funky character masks, acrylic photo frames, goofy glasses, fake mustaches, funny caps, and different signs that can be used at any Halloween party. 

Each kit features a different set of props that can be fitting to the theme you choose. Prop kits can have premium and limited editions as well. So, you better get the one that offers special props for your party.

Do Your Own Customized Setting

Although there are plenty of props in a prop kit, it is all up to you to customize them for your bash. 

You can use a few to decorate the lounge and keep a few to decorate the photo booth itself. If you have some pictures lying around from previous parties, hang them on a wall and remind everyone of good old times. 

You could also put up the newly printed photos there as well. This could allow people to enjoy the party and collect their photos before leaving.

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