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A quick guide on top benefits of taking English Classes in Helen O Grady, Singapore

English has become an international language and the biggest tool to communicate with the whole world. So, everyone must learn English to move forward with the world without any barriers.

In Singapore, when parents talk about enrolling their child in any English enrichment program, they have this question in their mind. Whether it is necessary for their child to take English class or not. Well, there is no exact answer to this but it is also undeniable that parents don’t always know how to teach their children English enrichment programs. Further, many children are not interested in learning this language and there is no particular technique that parents can use since every child has different psychology. Then, they have no other choice but to enroll their children in an English enrichment program.

There are hundreds of educational institutes in Singapore that offer English classes for primary school. But how to select and admit your children to the right institute is itself a confusing question. You must have considered their teaching method when you think of enrolling in any enrichment program for your child.

Most schools in Singapore use the traditional way of teaching but few of them have evolved their teaching method. The reason is, the traditional way of teaching does not help all children. Only a few students can pick up what they teach in such programs and others remain unsatisfied. So, some schools in Singapore introduced a new strategy to teach children through speech and drama and Helen O Grady tops the list.

If you are looking for a school that offers the best English enrichment program for your little one, Helen O’Grady Academy, Singapore, is the best choice. It is the world’s largest developmental drama academy. It is offering English classes to children through speech and drama.

If you are not aware of the benefits of learning English through drama and are confused about investing in such a school. This blog will be helpful to you as it highlights the top benefits of taking English classes at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.

  • It is well known that learning a second language from an early age increases the literacy rate in the native language of the children. Further, it enables the young ones to acquire an English accent and develop vocabulary in more than one language. So, the English enrichment program of Helen O Grady Drama Academy in Singapore aims to develop interpersonal skills in young ones.
  • The thought-provoking course taught by motivated and innovative teachers at Helen O Grady Drama Academy encourages every type of student and does not just focus on a few confident children. The young ones learn in groups and this helps them to develop. Their communication skills and overcome their fear of being in the public. Further, it helps shy children to get out of their walls. They learn through teamwork which other mediums of teaching may not help them to achieve in life.
  • Learning English through Drama boosts the brain activity of children since this is recreation-based learning. Helps young ones to expand their brain vision through reasoning exercises. It expands brain activity by stimulating the activity of the right side of the brain. Which plays a role in imagination, creativity, and innovations. Helen O’Grady Academy, Singapore, aims to bring a revolution in the education field and offers a unique English enrichment program.
  • Every child is born in a different environment and possesses different psychology. Different children have different concentration abilities and some students lose their interest and can’t focus. In this case, the English enrichment program provokes the engagement of children.  Where they feel welcomed for their innovative ideas.
  • Here, the well-experienced trainers are teaching English class programs to the young ones through speech and drama in a way that every student at the end of the session can write, speak and understand English perfectly. Moreover, the teachers promote more self-directed learning skills that allow young ones to pick up on their feet.
  • Helen O Grady Drama Academy also offers customized sessions. It allows children to learn at their tempo that keeps them motivated. So, whether your child is a quick learner or needs extra effort to focus. Learn something, Helen O Grady Drama Academy will never disappoint you.

When you are thinking about enrolling your child in an English enrichment program in Singapore. You need to be cautious of too-popular options that originate out of nowhere. Companies with too many marketing resources can make any teaching methodology sound incredible but you need to do research.

Helen O Grady Drama Academy in Singapore aims to provide a platform on whom both parents and children can trust.

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