A Guide To Bounce Rate: Causes, Solutions & Facts

Have you ever taken the joy of jumping on the Trampoline? How does it feel to get bounced up? I know that it feels good to bounce up and down. But the Bouncing term does not catch the fancy in the SEO terms. First of all, the SEO context does not include the terms’ Bounce Up’ & ‘Bounce Down’; instead, it has ‘Bounce Back’ i.e bounce rate.

Okay, Okay! That’s enough of Bouncing and Bouncing. First, explain to me the meaning of Bouncing. I am confused!

What is the Bounce Rate? 

Imagine you are visiting a page. You are exiting from the page within the first 3 seconds. You have neither scrolled down the whole page nor have you clicked on any CTA.

It is a perfect explanation of the Bounce Rates.

Why Is Studying The Concept Of Bounce Rate Important? 

There are three reasons why every SEO executive must study the concept of Bounce rates deeply:

  • Maximum Conversions

If you have a good understanding of bouncing rate, you will never allow your visitors to leave your site without getting converted.

  • Ranking Factor

Bounce Rate is one of the factors that are responsible for making your site rank at the top. One study has found that the direct relation of the bounce rate is with the 1st-page rankings.

  • Help to Find Out the Issues

If your bouncing rate is higher, then it means that there are issues with your:

  • Content
  • User Experience
  • Page Layout
  • Copywriting

What Is Meant By Average Bounce Rate? 

The report from GoRocketFuel.com has presented that the average bouncing rate will range between 41% to 51%.

On Which Factors Does The Standard Bounce Rate Depend? 

The standard bouncing rate depends upon the following:

  • What type of industry is your operating?
  • Where does your traffic come from?

How To Distinguish The Bounce Rate Of The Ecommerce Sites And That Of The Blogging Sites? 

The bouncing rate of the eCommerce sites always remains low (20 – 45%). But the bouncing rate of the blogging sites does reach up to 90%.

How Can I Figure Out A Reasonable Bounce Rate? 

If you want to find out a reasonable bouncing rate, you have to make sure that you compare your site to the sites of the correct category.

Which Is The Most Underrated Factor That Can Impact The Site’s Bounce Rate? 

Sources from where you get traffic can dramatically impact it’s rate.

Which kind of traffic experiences the lowest & Highest Bounce rate? 

Lowest Bounce Rate

The email & referral traffic experience the lowest Bounce Rate.

Highest Bounce Rate 

Display ads and Social Media Traffic do experience a super high bounce rate.

What Is The Difference Between Bounce Rate & Exit Rate? 

Both the Bounce Rate & Exit Rate are the same. But there is only one significant difference between the two.

Let me explain this thing to you:

Bounce Rate: 

A visitor visits the ‘Lipstick’ Page of your website. But soon, he hit the back button. It will be called a Bounce.

Exit Rate: 

A visitor visits the ‘Lipstick’ Page. After that, he sees the ‘Face-Cream’ Page. But he moved back from such a page. It will be called the exit rate.

Why Can’t We Use Exit Rate & Bounce Rate Interchangeably?

It is not a bounce rate because the user has visited the first page and did not leave. He visited the second page as well & left from there. Then it means it was the exit rate.

It implies that if the user moves back from the page with which he was landed, it will be called Bounce. Otherwise, it will have reached the exit rate.

Why Do People Bounce? 

Before we consider taking the necessary actions to reduce the bouncing, it’s crucial to get acquainted with the main reasons that cause Bounce:

Page Failed To Meet The Expectations: 

Let me explain it to you with the help of an example: You are searching for ‘A cream that suits the dusky skin tones, but you end up with results for the ‘Cream that is best for Fair skin tone’.

It also happens: 

The negative SEO is also one of the reasons for the same.

For example, You are searching for ‘Red Shades of Lipstick’. You clicked on the ad that had similar writing on it: ‘Red Shades of Lipstick’. You clicked on it. But after you opened it, you landed on the homepage.

Since it was not the page you were searching for. So you will immediately bounce back from the page. And again, search for the pages that do satisfy your search intent.

Bad UX

Yes, your site needs to look good. If you have only the content or imagery, your user experience will be bad, and visitors will immediately bounce back from your page.

It means that a good UX must blend the text, imagery and smooth navigation.

Please Note: Not all bounces are bad. Some are good as well.

Don’t understand?

Let me explain it to you:

You were searching for a question, “At what temperature should you bake the cutlets in the oven?”

You will scroll down a particular page, and as soon as the eyes see the figure it wants to know, you bounce back from the page. It does not mean that your carrier did not have the required information. It means that the user got the information needed within a concise time.

How Can Users Improve it? 

Here are some of the ways which help us to improve it.

YouTube Video Embedding 

The studies have shown that the pages which include the YouTube Videos are the ones that experience the lowest bounce rate.

Sprinkle in Bucket Brigades 

With the help of Bucket Brigades, you can quickly improve it.

Final Comments!

A high Bounce Rate is not a good signal for your website. You must have a good understanding of how it is caused and how it can be improved. I hope the information mentioned above presented in this article has given you a thorough insight into it.

If you still have any questions regarding Web Design Toronto Services that we have failed to answer, please let us know. Once we receive your emails, we try our level best to answer your questions concisely.

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