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A Crown of McLeodganj : Triund Trek

A journey to Triund Trek in Himachal Pradesh, just 18 kilometres from Dharamshala. Promises to reveal the ‘hidden in plain sight’ splendour of sunrises, forest pathways, sunsets, beautiful starry nights, and breathtaking vistas of the Kangra Valley.

Triund is a popular tourist destination that is reachable virtually all of the time of year, making it a great weekend escape whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner, with friends, or as a surprise family.

What may one expect while travelling to Triund?

To make the trek shorter, you can take a taxi from McLeodganj to Galu Devi temple. A well-known landmark, from where the trek is only 6.5 kilometres long and takes roughly three hours to complete. The trek can be started from McLeodganj or from Dharamkot, which is just two kilometres ahead of McLeodganj.

The first half of the hike is a gentle ascent through rhododendron and deodar forests, while the final two kilometres from Snowline Café involve a rather higher ascent all the way to Triund. The final kilometre of the walk, which includes 22 exhausting turns before you reach Triund at a height of 2,975 metres, is commonly referred to as the “22 curves.”

Best Time to go to Triund Trek

Due to the significant snowfall in the months of January and February, the byway to Triund is closed. The optimum months to organise a walk to Triund are March through May in the first part of the year and September through December in the second.

Trekking is still possible during the monsoon season, and the lush, healing meadows that emerge after a downpour are a beautiful sight to behold.

Tips to keep in mind while hiking

  • Put on relaxed clothing and shoes, preferably athletic ones.
  • Bring water bottles and quick-energy snacks with you on the hike.
  • If you’re travelling during the monsoons, be sure to pack sunscreen, hats, coats, and a raincoat.

How Long Does The Trek Take

Triund Top takes roughly 4 hours to reach for most tourists (from the town of Dharamkot, add another 30 minutes for Mcleodgunj to Dharamkot).

I, on the other hand, did it in 1 hour 30 minutes from Dharamkot, without stopping. Let me also point out that I did not run during the trek, but rather walked a little faster than most tourists.

Local guides can complete the Triund walk in just 50 minutes. During my trip, I met someone who claimed to have completed the task in 45 minutes. The individual was also a local guide.

So, assuming you’re not an avid trekker and will make a few photo breaks, it will take 4 or 5 hours. It is therefore recommended to leave Dharamkot no later than 9 a.m. The sooner you begin and the earlier you reach the summit, the more time you will have to enjoy the journey while still arriving on time.

Technically, the return route takes nearly half the time it takes to reach the summit.

Where Does Triund Trek Begin From

Dharamkot is a town in India. Dharamkot is roughly 2 kilometres from McleodGunj and 4 kilometres from Dharamshala. The route is easily visible from Dharamkot.

Trekkers begin their journey From Gallu Devi Temple. Triund Trek Checkpoint is located just close to Gallu Devi Temple.

At the checkpoint, the forest ranger ensures that trekkers are not carrying any plastic, drugs, or alcohol.

Please keep in mind that the checkpoint closes at 11:30 a.m. There are a couple more ways to circumvent the checkpoint, but they are not recommended.

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