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Good Deal! 5 Best Special Offers You Can Get For Your New Home

Did you know that you can still score special offers when building a new home? Of course, it’s not going to make your home building a lot cheaper, but it’s better than no promos at all. For instance, you can have cashback when you avail of their seasonal promo.

New home builders tend to give various promotions to gain customers. However, you shouldn’t be attracted to sign a contract immediately just because the builders offer a great deal. It’s still important to work with new home builders that can build high-quality homes.

As a homeowner, as much as possible you want to end up with a good investment. After all, you might sell the house in the future so you must opt for a good foundation.

But if you’re still confused about what offers are okay to avail from new home builders, then you should check the list below!

1. Free upgrades

Having free upgrades is one of the safest deals you can get from builders. Who wouldn’t want free stuff, right? However, the catch is that you’ll need to buy the product from the builders so you can avail of this offer. But if you think the price is reasonable, then you should take the opportunity to avail of the free upgrades.

Usually, new home builders offer finishing upgrades. So for instance, if you think it’s cheaper to upgrade your roof or flooring in the long run, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Other kinds of free upgrades that are usually offered are metal accents, electric sources, and water tanks. So if you think you need the upgrade, you should take the opportunity.

2. Discounts for referrals

Do you know someone who’s also looking for new home builders? If your current builders have a promotion for referrals, then you can refer them to your family or friend. Sometimes, there are different ways how you’ll benefit from referring new home builders to people you know.

If you’re still in the middle of house construction, then the builders may reduce your total cost. On the other hand, if your house is already built, then you can receive a certain amount for referring someone.

Just keep in mind that you need to inform the new home builders first about your referral before they have the first meeting. Otherwise, the builders may not consider it.

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3. Free installations

Usually, free installations are offered during the finishing of the house. If you need certain things to install in your new home, then don’t hesitate to take the opportunity for free installations. In addition, new home builders usually have partner companies that are related to home improvements.

If you check their website, you can easily access the list of their partner companies, and look them up. If you think they’re offering quality products, you can enquire about them. These companies come up with the idea of free installations, but the builders usually get commissions from gaining customers.

So instead of paying for future installations, you can secure deals with new home builders.

4. Safety kits

As mentioned before, new home builders usually have partnerships with other companies. Through that, you have closer access to discounts on safety kits such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.

So imagine if you score free installations for a discounted price, then you can acquire safety devices at a more reasonable price. Moreover, you don’t need to look for them, and just look at reviews of the products you’re planning to avail.

However, even if the deals offered are not that high, you can still think about it before turning them down.

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5. Cheaper add ons

When looking for possible deals, you should make sure to ask the new home builders about the add-ons they offer. For instance, if you’re planning to avail kitchen cabinets, you can score for a buy 1 take 1 deal or even 50% off for the next cabinet.

Most of the time, you can easily see the builders’ offers on their website. However, there are also internal agreements than can be included in the contract once you agree to avail of their services.

As mentioned before, it’s best if you still look for new home builders that can offer you a high-quality home. As this is a new home and an investment, take your time in finding the kind of builders you need. It may be difficult at first, but finding the right builders will prevent you from having more problems in the future.

Once you find the best builders, you should then look for great deals you can get from availing of their services. Make sure to discuss everything and include all the terms in the contract before signing anything.

Do you have any tips for finding the best home builders? Then don’t hesitate to share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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