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UTTARAKHAND is an underrated traveling destination where you must visit once in a while. For the best kind of experience, most of the people visit every year. The reason for not visiting the following destinations is that – you can’t acquire the immense beauty in just two eyes. “Real beauty only felt through the heart” and someone could be overwhelmed with the emotions instantly. 

Here are the following places where you should visit for the insane magnificent scenes 


For the ancient sculptures, you must visit once if going to visit UTTARAKHAND. Most people feel excited to embrace the art embedded in the epic building or temple. This is one of the remarkable hill stations of UTTARAKHAND which is portraying the Indian culture and old dynasty. The best suitable time when you can visit is the month of April to June and September to November.  


Another beautiful destination that can captivate the attention of the audience is – PAURI and with lots of picturesque moments. The whole region is surrounded by the elevated height of mountains wrapped with snow every year. In this place, you can do trekking because there are multiple destinations where you can explore the hills and hidden fragrance. Visitor can reach here through the air and train, favorable time to visit this place is in the month of November to April. There are few more places which you can visit are – Khirsu, Danda nagraja temple and Satpuli. 


Would you like to be that place where you can enjoy multiple things? Ofcourse there is a one place in Uttarakhand where you can take pleasure without any hustle for further stuff.BHOWALI is the only traveling destination which is famous for this kind of amalgamation. In this place you can enjoy trekking, nature walks, rock climbing and can enjoy picnic with friends or family. Some of the best attractive places which you can visit are – Naini peak, Tiffin top and Nainital lake. Favorable times to visit this destination are in the month of February to April and September to October. 


Do you want to taste the fresh and sweet apple straight from the garden? If yes then here you can find it fresh and pure 

Undoubtedly the taste which you will find in the hilly areas could not compare it with any other region. Furthermore, you can do trekking to the most marvellous place created through the hands of nature. Visitor who like to be in the place where they can find solitude and serene environment all around. Places which can be the icing of the cake are – mukhwas village, dharali and gangnani. So if you are interested to be in this place then best time to spot on is in the month of April to October. 


Beauty which you can’t describe in the words is the only thing which you could say about this place. In the first sight you can drop the heart and want to be in this place for forever. All around this place there are lush green forest of deodar and pine to add more charm in the beauty of CHAMBA. Visitor can also enjoy the impeccable scene of the river BHAGIRATHI (also called GANGA )  which improves the mood. Few things are also there which you can enjoy, such as Tehri Dam and favorable time to visit is in the month of October and June. 


Our country is the land of GODs and the reason to refer this place with that name is 

that – many GOD has taken birth and avatar to remove evils and establish ‘dharmas’. As per the stats – the number of devotee visitors are more than other kind of visitors. People still have great faith in the mythological history and epic story of avatars. This place is one of the prayag temple from other five panch prayags and it is holy and filled with heaven spirits. River and epic majestic view of himalayan ranges allows the mind to drown in the beauty of place. Few more places are there for creating memories – Adi badri, Uma devi temple and Nauti village. Best time to embrace the beauty of this place is in the month of October and June. 


There are infinite traveling destination but if any places allow us to create memories which are not possible to forget. Following places are still untouched, so if you want to wake up the soul then must visit once

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