5 Tips for Breaking into the Film-Making Industry

Breaking into the movie industry is tough. Very few people ever make it big and people like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg are a rarity. However, with the right attitude, some serious talent, and a smidgeon of luck, you might end up becoming a talented editor, cinematographer, or even an Oscar-winning director.

Here are some of the best ways to get into an ultra-competitive industry like filmmaking.

Make Movies!

It’s pointless dreaming of becoming a world-famous auteur if you have never even tried to make a movie. The first step on this exciting journey is to bring your ideas to life. Use the technology available to make movies. They don’t need to be Hollywood blockbusters.

All you need to get started are a few pieces of equipment. These include a video camera and a computer with video editing software, such as an After Effects Workstation Laptop PC.

Remember, the Evil Dead was a passion project, and look how successful that turned out to be!

Find People to Collaborate With

Making movies is not something you can do alone. You will need a bunch of other people with many different talents to make a successful movie. Even if you have a fantastic idea, chances are you are not great at acting or editing finished film footage. You might be a great director but have no clue about lighting your shots.

Try to find people who share your ideas and goals, people you can work with. By approaching filmmaking as a collaborative process, you stand a much better chance of being successful.

Start at the Bottom

While making movies is definitely the way forward, it is also sensible to try and get plenty of experience in the industry. Try and find jobs working on other people’s films. This is the way to get a feel for how the industry works. Lowly jobs such as working as a runner and making coffee for the stars will help you gain some insight into the world of moviemaking.

It’s also a great way to make connections, which will stand you in good stead later.

Take Film-Making Courses

Making movies is a very technical process and there is a lot to learn, especially in the age of digital movie making. These days, it is as much about being able to use editing software and creating digital special effects as it is pointing a camera.

Enrolling in movie-making courses will help you learn the technical side of making films, as well as offer support on your film-making journey.

Show People Your Movies

It’s super easy these days to get your movies in front of an audience. Create short films and post them online; it’s a useful way to gauge if your dream is worth pursuing. YouTube has some excellent short films made by amateurs and is a great place to post films you make. You can also promote them on other social media channels.

If moviemaking is your passion, look for as many ways as possible to get a foot in the door. With enough persistence, you can realize your dream!

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