5 Helpful Football Betting Strategies for Bettors

Betting on the NFL is typically not easy. However, you will always need to make more intelligent wagers for those motivated to do better. When gambling at online betting football strategy, you need to have a football betting strategy. You need betting methods to win your wagers. 

In this article, we will provide you with tips to win your chances. Read further on this post to understand more regarding football betting strategies. The following football betting strategy will help you make money on football betting. You will also get to win money when betting on football.

Helpful Football Strategies for Football Bettors

Each football betting strategy discussed in this article is essential and will help you bet right. Here are the top five football betting strategies for your wagers.

Always Bet with Your Head, Not Heart

When betting on sports, it is critical to avoid gambling with your emotions. This, however, remains a challenge for most bettors out there. People have to go through their personal biases, and mostly to keep aside these preferences is challenging whether it is your favorite team or the one you do not like. 

Instead, this is what you can do. You are required to be more objective towards your NFL betting tip. Because this is the simplest way to place your wagers, you will not require detailed mathematics. You will only need some common sense.

Focus on the Location

You may have heard of a home-field benefit. This matters a lot at particular stadiums. For example, in 2014-2018, the New England Patriots went 42-6 straight up home. From 2003 the Seahawks have always done better because they are at 103-41. However, this benefit is not offered to only these two teams. By comparing every team at home and away record, you will be required to research when handicapping for the home-field benefit.

Apart from this, some teams do not travel well. In five seasons, that is from 2014-to 2018, the San Francisco 49ers have had the worst results by scoring 9-31on the road. They are also the fourth-worst in the football league against the spread because they only scored 16-22-2. They then posted a record 2-6 against the spread. The Texans also find it challenging to cover the distance on the road.

Another essential factor to consider is when the teams played last week. Other groups also suffer from disadvantages. For instance, the west coast teams going to the Eastern time zone have reduced challenges when forced to play on the pacific coast.

Other than this, particular indoor teams tend to struggle to play outdoors. For example, when playing outdoors, Drew Brees passer rating drops from 102.5 to 90.3. All this type of information is essential to NFL bettors. Therefore, ensure you always focus on this football betting strategy to make it in the sports betting industry.

Understand Individual Matchups

Football is typically known as a team sport. However, some matchups can affect the match’s outcome in a significant way. For example, you do not require a weak offensive tackle to play well over the edge rushers in the league. Instead, you will need to emphasize significant skill discrepancies in players going head-to-head.

The couches need to consider the NFL matchups because they are big head-to-head matchups. The coach uses systematic tips that align against particular opponents and flop against others. Additionally, they also understand other techniques, and some do very well.

If you want to understand this better, make sure to check the example of Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick. Because Belichick had been leading the ship, the Patriots became the dominants. However, in 2008 when coughing over Coughlin 2008, he was 2-5 only.

Understand Beyond the Trends

According to the trends, it is not a bad idea to use it to bet on NFL matches, and it is because a simple look at these patterns is enough to offer valuable information. For instance, the Bears went 12-5 ATS when they came off a bye week from 2010-to 2018. On the other hand, the 49ers had scored 5-11 ATS in that same time frame.

Just because a team scored 49 points last week will not mean that their offense is going wrong. You will need to go back and watch how all topics got secured. There might be a possibility that the defense fell back to pass along the touchdown. Based on some popular opinions, they were playing the Browns.

Watch out on the Injuries

As mentioned above, football is a team sport, and therefore, small changes throw off the whole unit. Consequently, you will need to know players who have missed their practice during the week, their status for the upcoming match, and their role in the team.


The points mentioned above will create the best football betting strategy for the next betting season. To succeed in the NFL betting guide, you will need to make sure you invest proper time and effort to browse the picks and manage your bankroll well. Sports betting is fun and easy with the right tips. You also need to understand sports odds and lines before wagering on any sport. This will help you avoid mistakes that will lead you to lose money.

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