5 common shared hosting problems you may have to face

A steady online presence is vital to your business growth which calls for stable website hosting. Hosting simply means allowing your website or application to be available on the internet via servers. The hosting provides specific storage, disk space, bandwidth, and other related features to run your website smoothly. There are various hosting services such as VPS hosting, windows shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Indeed, just like any other service, you may have to face some severe issues with hosting as well. Hence, we shall be discussing the shared hosting problems in detail.

Types of server issues

As mentioned above, servers store the webserver software and the data of a website, such as the component’s files. The server facilitates the website data interchange among connected devices via the internet. However, if the website does not load properly or it does not load at all, it indicates that you may be facing some server issues. These issues may be of the following types.

  • Hardware problems
  • Application or services related problems
  • OS configuration issues

Whatever the issue may be, it is always vital to identify the issues first hand and troubleshoot to avoid losing traffic.

Common shared hosting problems

Buying cheap windows hosting is always the best affordable hosting option for small to medium-sized businesses. However, it only proves to be the right choice if you buy the best shared instant cheap windows hosting from a reputed windows hosting agency like Navicosoft. In contrast, if you fail at this, you may have to deal with the following shared hosting problems.

Loading speed & Navigation 

Your website’s loading & navigation speed is of prime importance. According to the studies, 88% of online users do not revisit a website after a bad experience, and 75% of the user regard a loading time of more than 4 seconds as a bad experience. Therefore, paying attention to your website loading speed and navigation is vital.

Generally, slow loading speed is not always a server issue. Instead, it may be due to un-optimized images, heavy CMS plugins, JS aggregation etc. However, if everything else is optimized for the optimum loading speed and navigation, it indicates the window shared hosting problems, such as your hosting partner not providing enough resources. For this, you must check with your provider and figure out if this is due to server downtime or your website has just outgrown your hosting package.


It is rare to find reliable security measures with cheap windows hosting but not the best hosting providers. Indeed, security-related issues are the worst ones, provided that shared hosting is the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Such high risk is due to the shared nature of the hosting. For example, if your neighbouring website is under a security breach, your website is equally at risk. Furthermore, as the IP address is shared among the websites hosted on the same server, malpractices of your neighbouring website such as spam mails, illegal content hosting etc.

Customer support

Despite sorting out all the shared hosting problems, there may come times when you would need to turn to customer support for your windows shared hosting. In such cases, the best shared instant cheap windows hosting offers you quick and skilled support. However, if you get into the wrong hands, you may lose your traffic and prospective customers due to unresolved issues.

Therefore, if your hosting provider does not provide you with efficient customer support, it is the call for you to shift to a better hosting service. In addition, you must check if the hosting provider offers SSL certification, a private IP address, and encrypted data transfer.

Hosting plans

Indeed, quality comes at a price. However, such a claim may also cause issues; either you get lesser than you pay for, or you may be paying for resources that you don’t use. For example, if your business grows, your website needs also increase with the growth. In such cases, you cannot choose to stick to the same shared hosting plan; you would need to upgrade your plan. You may also consider changing your hosting type, such as shifting to VPS hosting.

On the other hand, if you are a naïve or a small scale business, you won’t need many resources for the incoming traffic—for example, disk space, MySQL databases, PHP memory, email accounts etc.

No mention of hosting plans limitations 

Various windows shared hosting agencies do not fully disclose their web hosting plans limitation, which confuses the scope of service. Such a package may be a severe cause of shared hosting problems in the future. 99% uptime is vital for your online presence. However, various cheap windows hosting companies do not mention their uptime. Therefore, when you choose your hosting company, make sure that you choose the best shared instant cheap windows hosting.

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