4 Ways To Market Steam Boilers Effectively

Steam boilers are one of the most utilised pieces of machinery in different industries. If you look at its uses, you’ll see how every industry benefits from them. From the food industry to the leisure industry, boilers are present. Yet, a lot of people are still unaware of their importance.

A lot of people only encountered steam boilers in school. Some know how it contributed to the industrial age. Today, steam boilers have become more important than they were before. But, with its technicality, it can be hard to market them. Unless you’re adept with boilers, it’s hard to attract people to purchase one.

Now, how should manufacturers market steam boilers? Is there a way for them to market it interestingly? Let’s discuss in this article some ways to effectively market steam boilers (even to those who are not interested in it). 

1. Show people how they can benefit from a steam boiler. 

One of the effective ways to persuade people is to show them how they’ll need something. In marketing, businesses aim to target people’s emotions to attract them. If you’re a steam boiler manufacturer, your target audience is likely business owners. 

If you aim to market your steam boilers to a specific industry, you should show them how the boiler could help them. For example, if you want to make a sale on hospitals, you can show the different uses of steam boilers. Aside from steam purposes, you can also show how boilers are used for disinfection as well.

Maybe you also want to target hotels and resorts. You can show them how hotels utilise their boilers. Your marketing team should work on highlighting the use of boilers on a day to day basis. It would also be smart to showcase its work performance from small to big tasks. 

2. Highlight its versatility and efficiency.

If you own a steam boiler or have seen one, you know how huge it is. Aside from its size, it is also expensive. That’s why businesses look at it as one of their investments. Even though steam boilers are powerful, they also have a couple of weak points. 

One of which is its size. If a business has limited space, owning a boiler is not ideal. Small and starting businesses wouldn’t surely prioritise owning a steam boiler. With that, it would be nice to highlight a boiler’s versatility and efficiency. 

For you to do so, you have to recognise its weak points first. Once you have a list of a boiler’s weak points, you can then structure those into strong ones. Turn every weak point into a strong point. For example, if its size is too big, you can emphasise how much work it can do in a short amount of time because of its size. 

3. Make a reputation for each boiler type.

Have you noticed how most boiler manufacturers market their products in the same way? It’s like they have this standard as to how machinery should be sold. Probably, this is one of the reasons why people find it hard to understand how steam boilers work.

Just because you’re selling boilers doesn’t mean you have to be too technical about it. To make it easy for people to understand the differences between each boiler type, you can start by making a name for each of them. If you offer fire tube boilers, water tube boilers, and commercial boilers, it would be nice to make a “name” for each type.

It can be as simple as making a phrase that sums up the purpose of a boiler type. For example, you can describe your water tube boilers as “boilers that can handle the pressure that others can’t.” Since one of the strong points of water tube boilers is their capacity to handle higher pressures, you can use a quirky phrase.

Try to market your steam boilers simply. It would be better if people could easily understand what their purpose is. The key is to make steam boilers known to people who are not familiar with them.

4. Inform your target market of what makes your steam boilers better than your competitors.

People who are familiar with steam boilers might think that all boilers are the same. The only thing that makes each different is their brand and price. It may be true that most manufacturers source their boilers from the same company. But, you can also work with other companies to improve your boiler’s performance.

Some manufacturers source their boiler’s parts from different companies. The manufacturer will then be the one to assemble the steam boilers. If that’s not the case with your business, you can still leverage your boilers through your maintenance coverage.

If your competitors only offer a limited boiler warranty, maybe you can offer lifetime warranty promotions. Or you can also provide yearly maintenance and check-ups for your boilers. Whatever it is that works for you and your budget, leverage it to set your boilers apart from the competition. 

These simple benefits can attract a lot of potential buyers. If all manufacturers sell their steam boilers in the same price range, warranties and promotions will get you ahead. 

How are you marketing yours in this day and age?

Before I end this article, here’s a question. How are you marketing your steam boilers in this day and age? Do you just rely on your suppliers and loyal customers? Or are you working on your marketing strategies to reach more potential clients?

If you’re still doing it the old way, it’s time to change your marketing game. Remember, a lot of businesses use and need steam boilers now. Other businesses might not even realise how much they need one unless you start showing them. With that, I hope you use these tips to market your boilers effectively.

Again, just because boilers are pieces of machinery, doesn’t mean they have to be marketed traditionally. You surely can leverage your steam boilers better by working on your strategies and by being creative about them. 

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Bianca Banda is a writer for Trilogy Boilers Australia, a veteran in specialized boiler and burner installations, servicing, engineering, industrial gas plumbing, and more. 

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