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3 Instagram’s marketing ideas to promote cloud kitchen and download Instagram photos and reels

Each proprietor of a cloud kitchen wishes for achievement. But how do you decide which platforms to concentrate on if it comes to advertising? So what would your plan of action be? In our article today, we’ll discuss the top 3 channels for marketing that each owner should involve in their toolkits, as well as the reason why those are vital for making the food business. And what more? We will also indicate how users can download Instagram photos and reels to their devices after seeing some marketing post on IG which they might be interested in.

You might know how to download Instagram photos and reels through some sites but stay tuned, our article today is more than you expect!

Promotion by Instagram photos

The first and one of the most important channels to focus on is Instagram, the biggest social site that people pay attention to with a number up to 1 billion users and more. 

The chief factor is that it is merely part of an ethos as to how Insta runs. Users photograph their meals, but the smartphone consumes them first.

The third reason is that you would save locations or foods that you wish to try. You can bookmark, or save the dishes you would like to try, taste them in your favorite libraries.

How to download Instagram photos?

Saving post to your bookmarks is available on IG, but download photos are not, but it’s a useful way to keep in mind what food you want to try by saving them on your devices. So to be quick and easy, use the photo downloader of to do that. 

How to save (download) Instagram photos using SnapInsta?

It’s really easy. Below is our detailed instruction.

  • Go to the post that contains your favorite image and get the link in that post
  • Go to the SnapInsta page and paste the link in the toolbar
  • Click the Download button on the right to save the photo to your device

How to Instagram (insta) photo download in iPhone

Note: Instagram Photo Download only works if your iPhone 6s (6s Plus) or later.

Step 1: Open Instagram with your iPhone, select the Instagram photo post that you like and want to save to your device using the Instagram photo downloader. Copy the photo URL you want to download by clicking the 3 dots above the Instagram post.

Step 2: Open Instagram Photo Downloader with Safari and paste the photo URL in the toolbar.

Step 3: Click Download, select a server to start to SAVE Instagram Photo.


Using Instagram to Promote Your Cloud Kitchen


  1.  Share Drool-Inducing Images

First and foremost, provide drool-worthy photos of the cuisine product. We are focused on specific. So, if your meal image does not appear appealing, do not publish it. Publish the pictures that will entice others to Like them. And if you do, customers would share the picture with friends and save it.

  1.  Share the scenes pictures

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the food industry.  Even more, restaurants having open kitchens and TV shows showing the inside of restaurants, there still isn’t that much being shown on the regular. This opens up a lot of opportunities for you to inform your audience about who is on your team, how you operate, and what happens in a cloud kitchen.

Restaurant and travel boards, for example, have used Instagram Story stickers to produce more engaging stories. For example, you might use the discussion function to collect what relevant questions had around cloud kitchens or your branding, or you could use the multiple-choice item’s sticker to check your viewer’s knowledge of your backstory or ingredients.

All these attempts to link your business with your intended audience, lead to people becoming followers of your cloud kitchen.

  1. Using Reels Instagram.

Instagram reels are essentially a mirror replica of Tiktok videos. Reels were launched as a result of Instagram’s observation about how many users like viewing and making Tiktoks. And, since Instagram competes for the public’s attention on Tiktok, they are just doing everything they can to persuade users to use their application instead. They have been accomplishing this in part by boosting individuals that utilize Instagram Reels.

That implies that if you make Instagram Reels instead of typical pictures or videos upload, you’ll get a lot more exposure. So, for the greatest outcomes, I propose you concentrate on building Reels.

How to download reels on Instagram?

Since reels became well known for Insta’s users, people have noticed about downloading Instagram reels which IG doesn’t allow to do. Using reels downloader is highly recommended for the user as it’s a simple tool that enables users to download reels easier than other sites.

Among all reel downloaders, Instagram Reels Video Download – SnapInsta is one of the best reels downloaders that we have found. 

Reels downloader

Here are steps to download reels:

 Open the Instagram post, open the Reels video you want to download on Instagram.

  • Now copy that URL of the Instagram Reels video.
  • Paste the Instagram copied URL into the toolbar on SnapInsta and click the “Download” button.


So if you are the owner of the cloud kitchen, this article is a good marketing site for you to get more tips on Instagram promotion. After reading our article, we hope it will be much useful for you to know some ways of promotion on IG and how to download Instagram photos and reels. 

If you find our post is helpful, share it with others around you. Thank you for reading.  

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