10 Strategies To Generate B2B Leads On Mobile App

Lead generation is an imperative part of the online business. It takes time, strategic ways, and logical efforts to reach the prospects, convert, and generate possible leads. Specifically for B2B manufacturer, resellers, distributors, and retailer available on the business-to-business platform find it relevant to generate leads.

However, some say the fact that referring to other enterprises’ case studies, researching competitors, and understanding customer behavior help you generate leads. But it is easier to say than do in reality.

Therefore, we are here to share your 10 most effective B2B eCommerce app lead generation strategies to enhance your enterprise-level profit. Although, lead generation ideas are not restricted to our 10-point only and you can have more as per your requirement.

10 ways to generate leads on the B2B platform

1. First, run A/B test on major pages

By using analytics of a B2B mobile app, you will find the number of visitors coming to your business profile and checking out products. Most importantly, know the defects in your key product pages available on the business eCommerce app that might lack some feature or the required speed. Concerning the same, first, run an A/B test on respective pages to ascertain the issues that could be responsible for less or no lead generation.

2. Use unique content campaigns 

Going after a big set audience in the business sector implies using target keywords, creating unique campaigns, and adding informative content. These three requirements are necessary to acquire the attention of prospects, get a query, and convert users into customers. You can do all this by strategically creating your B2B ad campaigns and adding relevant content to arouse the interest of customers.

3. Create social proof to generate trust

Social proof is the most imperative tactic for the B2B lead generation strategy. It is because customers sometimes claim doubt about your products or services. Therefore, they look for your social proof, brand authenticity, and current audience. Thus, create your brand’s social presence by posting relevant marketing content and adding the same proof to your landing page on the B2B app. You can also share the reviews, and positive comments, and create case studies.

4. Publish your business case studies 

B2B business is different than that of a B2C eCommerce app. In reality, enterprises take an analytical route before deciding to purchase from you. As a clothing retailer, plastic manufacturer, chemical wholesalers, or dealing in any products demands you to showcase your previous business success. In relation to the same, create simplistic yet relevant case studies showcasing your business growth to other enterprises to generate the trust factor.

5. Generate relevancy with landing page changes 

If you find some issues with your current product landing pages, then it’s time to make some relevant changes. As already mentioned about the A/B testing point, you can find issues with the current page and do some changes accordingly. It could be related to backing up your product pages with social copy, customer reviews, relevant CTA, upgrading headlines, and much more.

6. Create impressive lead magnets for prospects

Lead magnets are a hard-hitting strategy for your B2B platform that helps you garner the attention of the prospect and generate more leads. A lead magnet is anything that you can offer to a prospect as part of a valuable thing in exchange for the contact information. It could be industry-related resources, case studies, discounts, comprehensive how-tos, resource libraries, or it can be anything.

7. Target high-value prospects on Linkedin

Linkedin is the platform for generating high-value leads in terms of converting CTOs, CIOs, and CXO-level clients. You can do end-to-end business marketing on this platform to generate higher ROI and that too within the limited budget.

8. Do B2B-related guest posting 

From the content point of view, generate leads by doing guest posting on several platforms and discussing your product offerings. By doing guest posting, you can create your brand value among an extensive choice of readers, improve your business SEO, and receive more valuable contacts from different demographics.

9. Create visual appeal on the B2B platform

One more efficient way of targetting your prospects on the B2B platform is by creating visual effects to gather widespread attention. You can do this by posting your product manufacturing, packing, shipping, and other related videos to create a trust factor. Interested buyers will refer to such videos and contact you for possible orders in a hassle-free manner.

10. Personalize your product offerings

B2B app analytics features are an important consideration for enterprises to know more about their target audience and buyer persona. You can analyze your customers buying behavior and the previous purchase pattern to send personalized notifications. It helps users to rely more on your brand after receiving personalized suggestions, product offers exclusive discount coupons and more.


Registering your product-based business on a B2B eCommerce app has become a profitable thing these days to extend brand persona. On top of that, you have several ways to garner the attention of prospects, improve conversions, and generate more leads to increase the overall ROI. Simply refer to the above-mentioned tactics to gather customers’ attention towards your brand and generate possible leads.

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