10 Reasons to Choose School Management Software

Challenges faced by schools often on their daily chores that include the collection of fees, managing the school data, managing timetables, taking attendance. And the remaining work is done manually.

Taking attendance is the most time taking process, it takes a half-hour to take attendance of the students that drains the energy and time of both teachers and as well as of students.

With the help of school management software, all this manual work of managing school can be done easily.

It has become a necessity for every other school to have a school management system to increase their efficiency and save time and energy.

Here are the 10 reasons to choose school management software:

1 Fees Collection-

Managing fees digitally is a much-needed step for all educational institutions. Collecting fees in the old method is a time taking task and it is hard to manage all records of who deposited fees and who hasn’t.

Even for once if you forget to record the data of all those who haven’t deposited the fees or you made a mistake somehow while recording it will be a financial loss of your school.

School software doesn’t only provide benefits but also helps you by increasing the profitability and accuracy of the financial data.


  • Fees collections on time
  • No long queues for fees deposition
  • No chance of any error

2 Effortless Admissions 

School ERP system lets the educational institutions manage the admissions process of all the students quite easily. This system helps educational organizations by checking the student’s inquiries, examining their eligibility criteria, and completing all processes digitally.

It is no doubt that the procedure of admission is a time taking and long.

Starting from students inquiry, collecting of the documents, and at last students admission, everything has a great extent of paperwork.

Admissions activity becomes uncomplicated by the school management system by the self-serve applications portal.


  • The admission process becomes easy
  • Since starting all the procedures is digital

3 E-Communication

Some time for the preparation of exams students skip their classes but still, there is the chance when the query they have cannot be solved on their own they need the help of teachers. Students can solve their doubts with teachers online even staying at home.

This is also good for parents as they don’t have much time to participate in their kid’s school life they can also examine their progress online, attendance, marks result.


  • Doubts can be solved at home online.
  • Parents can also inspect their child’s performance.
  • Software for school management can become very helpful in the time of exams.

4 Attendance Tracking

Taking attendance is a hectic task. It takes half of the time of the class. And sometimes some students also try to mark proxy of their friends.

But you can save your precious time, energy and also mark the proxy of absent students by the biometric device. The best school management system has this feature that sends messages to parents when their child is absent. This can also prevent parents when their child is bunking the school.


  • Time of class can be saved by biometric device and used in learning.
  • No proxy of any absent students
  • Parents get the message when their child is absent.

5 Library Management 

Honestly, searching for the books in the library is another time-taking operation. Students first check out the specific books from the chunk of books and then issue them from the librarian.

An effective library management software can help students by saving their valuable time to boost up the process of searching, issuing, and return of the book instantly.

An effectual library management software will also let the librarian keep up the record of the books that are new and books that are borrowed by the students with the due date.


  • Searching for books becomes easy than before.
  • Record maintenance by library management software of books.
  • Librarians can make stocks of new books digitally.

6 Systematic Dashboard

Analytical dashboards generate reports by appraising every student’s academic record. These reports can be a useful tool to identify the students who need special attention.

If these reports are taken seriously then it will help weak students without publically shaming them.


  • Record maintenance of every student academically
  • Teachers can especially give their attention to students who deserve it.

7 Transportation Tracker

For parents and the school, a child’s safety comes first. All the school vehicles are enabled with GPS. you can track them and ensure your child’s safety.

In the event of a breakdown, drivers will be able to get a replacement vehicle. It is also possible for the school to notify drivers of road closures or accidents so that alternate routes can be taken by the vehicles.


  • The safety of your child comes along with software for school management.
  • When GPS is enabled you can track the location of school vehicles.
  • Schools can notify drivers if any road is not in the proper condition or change the routes by school software.

8 Transporation Alert

Being a transport in charge is not an easy job. You have to make sure that the health of all vehicles run by your school is good. The human brain tends to forget things and sometimes we even forget some important dates.

But the school ERP software authorizes you to create an alert notifying you in advance when the vehicles are due for inspection. In the same way, the school management system notifies parents also when the fees of the bus are due.


  • School ERP software notifies bus in charges from time to time for requirements
  • School software also notifies parents about bus fees so they don’t get late to deposit.

9 Easy Learning

School management software allows teachers to upload study material online. It also allows teachers to inspect students’ academic marks. Given homework, quizzes, and another task.

On the other hand, students can also access study material uploaded by their respective teachers anytime, anywhere. Students can see their timetable in advance.

Students can have interaction with teachers to clear their doubts and revise courses.


  • Teachers can upload study material online that will be accessed by students anytime.
  • The best school management system allows teachers to check the marks of students
  • Students can read study material as it will be available 24 hours, anytime.

10 Trouble-Free Installation

Once you choose to invest in the best school management software. In just a few hours, you’ll have a robust system in place that is ready to use.

Once you’ve installed the school management software, you’ll be able to configure it to meet the needs of your school.


  • School ERP software is easy to install and use
  • It will take only a few hours to make it ready for your school.

NLET – Best School Management Software

The school management system is making much work easier for the educational institutions and also it is making students’ studies and learning much more comfortable than before.

This is why every educational institution should invest in the best school management systemNLET is the best school management software company helping educational institutions to make their daily organizational work easy.

If you want we can also provide you with a demo for 7 days completely free. You can contact us for more information.

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