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10 Amenities Luxury Hotel Should Have

When attempting to differentiate your luxury hotel from the competition in the eyes of hotel visitors, it’s simple to become overwhelmed by the number of new hotel brands, competition from short-term rentals, and new technology. While remodeling your property can be costly and time-consuming but using hotel amenities can make a big difference in how you stand out from the competition. For example you can check this Luxury Hotel in Udaipur.

Visitors of today seek out novelty and usefulness. They want to be pleasantly served with useful hotel services. For instance, Westin and New Balance collaborated to offer running shoes and other fitness accessories to visitors who wish to continue their training regimen while travelling. You can check out how boutique hotel in Jaipur is offering various amenities.

In this post, we’ll quickly discuss the essential hotel amenities that any establishment must have before delving into 6 exceptional amenities that can help you win over customers’ hearts and minds.

1. Bathrobes and Slippers

Are you prepared to move things along? Nowadays, many hotels provide upgraded amenities to more effectively compete with vacation rentals. If your luxury hotel is in an area where there is a lot of competition from other brands, or if you just want to gain an advantage, think about offering these services.

2. Free breakfast

Those who want to save money are driven to the convenience of either making their own breakfast or eating it just next to their hotel. Given that the bulk of short-term rentals come equipped with kitchens, hotels may compete on the breakfast front by offering some form of complimentary breakfast option, whether it’s a continental buffet or a sit-down hot meal.

3. Free Wi-Fi internet access

Do you remember when hotel Wi-Fi used to cost $10 per day? However, some hotels from that time period are still in business.. Free Wi-Fi is gradually evolving into a standard service that travellers or visitors anticipate and don’t want to pay extra for. Lack of free Wi-Fi may upset some visitors. Do you wish to go beyond? Allow visitors to stream their preferred television shows on your hotel’s TVs using OTT services.

4. Relaxation Devices

When guests are at a hotel room, they want to unwind after a long travel, a demanding day of meetings, or merely the discomfort of jet lag. Why not offer a little extra to relax your visitors’ minds? Think of the spa amenities you like best: calming music, alluring smells, and perhaps even a massage. How can you make your guest rooms feel like a spa experience? Scent diffusers, calming eye pillows, and noise machines are all relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making adding relaxation equipment to your room’s amenities a simple task. A neck massager or a foot massager from Homedics are other possibilities for massage.

5. Gym/Fitness Equipment

Even if your hotel doesn’t have its own fitness centre, guests will welcome discounted rates (or, even better, free courses or gym time) at a nearby fitness facility because today’s traveller doesn’t want to abandon their training routine.

6. Child Equipment

The most burdensome necessities for parents and children, such as strollers, packable cribs, and car seats, can be provided by your luxury hotel if it caters to families. One choice is to collaborate with a provider of baby gear to make equipment accessible to visitors. Or, you may collaborate with a business that makes equipment renting easier.

7. Mobile Check-In

Although there is a lot of talk about guestroom technology and sustainability in the hotel industry, these innovations go beyond the guestroom. Your front office may be made more environmentally friendly and the check-in process can be streamlined with the help of a cutting-edge property management system like Hotel-time. The paperless check-in process provided by Hotel-time requires no registration cards to be signed and no printouts. Instead, through interfaces with check-in hardware vendors, the entire procedure is managed on a tablet.

8. In-Room Tablets

The in-room information binder is so 2000, let’s face it. To make it simpler for guests and staff to utilise, convert your guestroom guide to a digital format on a tablet. With some in-room tablet apps, guests may even contact the front desk via instant messenger and obtain all the information they require at the touch of a finger, including restaurant and room service menus.

9. In-Room Cocktail Station

A distinctive guestroom cocktail station is another method to improve your in-room beverage experience. We’ve already spoken about how better coffee can significantly improve guest satisfaction. Create a distinctive drink that embodies the history or personality of the hotel and include the ingredients into the guestroom amenities, just like the Troubadour Hotel in New Orleans did with their signature old fashioned.

10. Arcade Games

Installing arcade games like pinball, skee-ball, racing games, and more will elevate your retro vibe to new heights. You could decide to create a game room in a public area, or you could transform one of your guest rooms into an arcade-themed suite with a popcorn maker, vintage candies, and vintage movies.

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