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10 Amazing Features of Microsoft SharePoint You Didn’t Know

For many people, SharePoint is just a platform having some limited functionalities. But it’s not the case. You can do a number of things with Microsoft SharePoint, and you might not even know those until now.

In this blog, you’ll get to learn all of those hidden features that will surely amaze you and others around you. Following are the things you didn’t know you could do with the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Onboarding Process

Onboarding new people into your team is a hectic task. To ensure a pleasing experience for the new team member, everything must be in place. When you use Power Automate and Microsoft Form with SharePoint, you can easily accumulate all the data in one place and seamlessly create a workflow for all the departments.

When workflow and integration are set up, HR just needs to monitor every step. The onboarding process using SharePoint offers a win-win situation for both HR executives and the new employees. The HR will have to face less hassle in the onboarding process, and the fresh recruit can also start straight away.

Document Sharing

When you’re working with a vendor or a client, file sharing with people outside your team is a crucial part of your job. You can conveniently share documents or files with others outside your team using SharePoint. There are permission features to ensure that necessary security measures are in place.

You can allow people to edit or just view the document depending on the type of security you want. You can also control who can have access to the files and can create folders or file templates with different permissions. It saves your time otherwise spent setting up permissions manually for each folder or file you make.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate tool for team collaboration, and you can take your team efficiency to the next level when you integrate it with SharePoint. The integration is highly valuable for enterprises where employees handle different projects simultaneously. SharePoint and Teams, when combined together, provide powerful functionalities by centralizing the data.

Schedule Synchronization of Team Members

Many SharePoint users are not aware that it offers a shared calendar. All of the SharePoint team members can view their upcoming events and schedules, add and edit them easily. You can even label different groups within the calendar and then add events accordingly.

Moreover, the calendar supports assigning different colors to each type of event like holidays, webinars, meetings, etc. It makes it easier for you to find an event on the calendar.

Maintains Older Version of a Document

In document management, versioning is a crucial part. Particularly if the document is part of a collaborative project involving multiple editors. The permitted editors can make changes to a document anytime they want.

SharePoint displays the latest version of all documents along with all the recent edits to the user who can access them. Along with that, it saves all the past versions since a file was created in the Version History. The users can easily access the version history and see who made which changes to the documents.

Invoice Processing

If your company deals with third-party clients, then invoice generation and processing are the crucial elements of the work process. Most companies depend on external tools to manage invoices. However, you can do most of the invoice processing steps from the native platform using SharePoint.

You can collect invoice data using Microsoft Forms and import them to SharePoint. You can both create an invoice and perform its revenue analysis at the same time on SharePoint.

For these processes, you don’t need to involve more people. This means there will be less chance of any mistakes during data entry. Also, invoicing becomes faster with the inclusion of automated steps. You can also easily track the progress of processes.

Inventories Management

Inventory management is hectic, involving a lot of tasks and subtasks such as cost tracking, maintenance, and procurement schedule. Task dependencies further make the process complex and lengthy.

With SharePoint, you can integrate the platform with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Lists, and Power Automate to administer your inventory seamlessly. It helps you manage all the processes, including scheduling operations, visualizing data from a single platform, and listing products.

Along with decreasing the time required for equipment management, the integrations also eradicate the chances of duplicate data entry and errors.

Tasks Automation

Automation of some tasks helps people focus on crucial things. As it automates the mundane and regular tasks, the productivity of a team enhances manifold. Using SharePoint Workflows, you can easily automate your work processes to a large extent.

There are five pre-programmed workflows in the platform; feedback collection, approval, publishing approval, signature collection, and three-state workflows. Each of the workflows decreases the labor and time otherwise put into the project.

Moreover, you can also create tailored workflows according to your business requirements.

Create Wiki Site

As the volume of information is growing every day, enterprises need to have their own Wiki sites. Such sites manage and store all sorts of information such as general service info, business discussion, item information, and knowledge articles.

In SharePoint, you get an element named Wiki Site. It handles all of the needs of a company related to Wiki that a generic Wikipedia can’t handle. Using the SharePoint Wiki Site is also convenient. You can add the content and then share it after getting approval from the administration.

An Advanced Content Editor

As SharePoint is a document management platform, it comes with some advanced content editing features. You can make vital changes to a page using a content editor web part. Some of the prominent features include tables, adding formatted text, hyperlinks to a page, and images. And you can do all of this without the need to open the document in the advanced editor.


SharePoint is not only limited to online document management. You can use it for different purposes. All of these features will enable you to perform tasks without the need to switch the tool. To know more about the platform, you can consult Xavor Corporation. Xavor has been offering SharePoint management and migration services for nearly three decades and has all the expertise to help you leverage maximum benefit from the platform.

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